Abort Scene - "Born Pinned to the Duluth Wheel"

Abort Scene – “Born Pinned to the Duluth Wheel”

Perhaps the least-known Duluth song is by the Champaign, Ill.-based band Abort Scene. “Born Pinned to the Duluth Wheel” was released on the album Seeds of the Real Alternative (Waterloo Records, June 3, 2008). The track also appeared on the band’s 2013 compilation Rational Hardcore.

Distinguishing what the lyrics are to the song is not easy, but the chorus seems to be:

It’s not just what you feel, it’s all so real
When you’re born into the Duluth wheel, the Duluth Wheel

The band is described on CD Baby as:

Digital rationalhardcore & electronic paleolibertarian punk taking over where The Yellow Day Brigade left off, and providing 38 explicit bursts of liberty-driven hardcore to define the real alternative to the leftist/statist corruption of punk/mainstream.

So … there’s that.

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