PDD Quiz: Buffalo Bill and Duluth

This month’s quiz looks at Buffalo Bill Cody’s relationship with Duluth. For more information on this topic, check out this Perfect Duluth Day article, this Northland Wilds article, and this The Area Woman article.

The next PDD Quiz, on July happenings, will be published on July 29. Email question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by July 26.

#1 Which family member did Buffalo Bill Cody visit in Duluth?

Helen Cody Wetmore, Buffalo Bill’s sister, lived in Duluth.

#2 In 1895, Helen Cody Wetmore left her position at the Duluth Press to embark on a new venture. What was this venture?

Cody Sanatorium was built on St. Louis Bay in August 1895; it burned to the ground in November 1896.

#3 Hugh Wetmore, Helen Cody Wetmore’s husband, owned the People’s Press (a pro-labor newspaper later renamed the Duluth Press). Buffalo Bill Cody invested in the Duluth Press Building that still stands in which neighborhood?

The Duluth Press building is located at 1915 W. Superior St.

#4 In which year did Buffalo Bill Cody first visit Duluth?

Buffalo Bill arrived at Duluth’s Union Depot on Jan. 22, 1894 for a six-day visit.

#5 How long after Buffalo Bill’s first visit to Duluth was Cody Street named in his honor?

Buffalo Bill first visited Duluth on Jan. 22, 1894; Cody Street was named in his honor on Feb. 12, 1894.

#6 The Cody Hotel, named in honor of Buffalo Bill Cody (but not financed by him), was located in which Duluth neighborhood?

The Cody Hotel was located at 332 N. Central Ave.

#7 The Cody Hotel was demolished in 1973; what now exists in its place?

The former site of the Cody Hotel is now a parking lot for the Gopher Bar and Grill.

#8 Helen Cody Westmore’s home, Codyview, allegedly featured Duluth’s first what?

Codyview was built in 1898 on the site of the former sanatorium.

#9 Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show first came to Duluth in 1896. Helen Cody Westmore bet her brother that Duluth would draw a larger crowd than which town?

North Platte (population 3,500) ultimately beat out Duluth (population 65,000) with a crowd of over 10,000 because the Union Pacific railroad offered excursion trains to North Platte from surrounding towns.

#10 The last Wild West Show in Duluth played on Aug. 8, 1912 at the fairgrounds: what is currently located on the site?

The site was the home of the St. Louis County Fair from 1876 to 1911.


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