Info on ice photo from north shore

My father-in-law was recently telling me about a photo he saw in the 1970s(?) that someone took of ice along the north shore during a storm.

When the photographer developed the film, one of the ice/water spray images appeared to be an image of Jesus (sort of like the Jesus in the toast thing from some years ago).

Does anyone know of this photo and/or the photographer? Father-in-law would like to track down a copy of the photo if available somewhere.


Dave Sorensen

about 6 years ago

The "Madonna," not Jesus.


about 6 years ago

Thanks, Dave. That looks promising. I will pass the info along!


about 5 years ago

That was indeed the photo my F-I-L was thinking of. Closing the loop on this one ... found a copy on the big auction site a month or so ago. Saved search for the holiday present win!

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