Human Fabric of Duluth tells powerful story of addiction and recovery

If you’ve not kept up with the Human Fabric of Duluth webseries of photos and stories, you missed this week’s story of inspiration.

I’ve gone through intensive therapy, and I keep in contact with the treatment therapists. I also see a psychologist once a month. It’s going well and I think I’m on the other side now. I learned that mental health and addiction go hand in hand and that people with addiction lack skills to cope with anxiety. I am learning how to speak what’s on my mind. I don’t do it in an unkind way but I’m more willing to disagree. And I’m learning to say no to helping when people ask if I just don’t have time.

I struggle with this every day and I’m not sure it will ever go away. The fact that Opioid addiction has the highest rate of relapse is scary to me and is always on my mind. It’s easy to look back and say would’ve, could’ve, should’ve. But this is my life’s path now, and it’s up to me to change that path going forward.

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