PDD Quiz: Love (or Like), Duluth Style

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this month’s quiz is feeling the love. Or maybe “love” is too strong a word; maybe “like” is more apt. At any rate, you’ll see plenty of love (and like) for Duluth in this quiz!

The next PDD quiz, reviewing this month’s local headlines, will be published on Feb. 25. E-mail question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Feb. 22.

#1 This founder of the Moose Wallow Ramblers wrote the song “I Like it in Duluth”.

John Berquist died in 2016; the band Father Hennepin covered “I Like it in Duluth” on its 2001 album <i>Crooked with Gin</i>.

#2 This actor was featured in a commercial promoting Duluth tourism that ended with him saying “Duluth: who loves ya, baby? I do.”

“Who loves ya, baby?” was the catchphrase of Telly Savalas’ title character on the television series “Kojak.”

#3 In 2003, Duluth’s Lovers Lane was renamed what?

Hovland Lane is located off of Kenwood Avenue near Chester Park.

#4 Formerly located at 324 W. Superior St., this Duluth-based screen-printing company now sells its wares (such as this “Love Superior” onesie) online.

Laughing Stock occasionally sells its merchandise from the “Happy Camper.”

#5 Which local restaurant features a sandwich called “The Motherlover”?

According to the Northern Waters Smokehaus menu, the Motherlover consists of “your choice of Haus-made ham, salami, mortadella (think fancy bologna) or turkey on white bread with mayo & lettuce.”

#6 This Canal Park T-shirt store recently made headlines for its controversial apparel.

I Love Duluth made headlines in late 2017 for selling T-shirts with anti-immigration sentiment.

#7 Patty Duke played Francesa Kinsolving in this 1972 thriller which was filmed at Glensheen.

“You’ll Like My Mother” was first screened at Glensheen in 2012.

#8 This organization, which promotes local businesses, launched the popular Winter Village at Glensheen in 2016.

The Duluth Winter Village will run Dec. 1-2, 2018.

#9 Which musical act sings a song that features the lyrics “still I like the quiet of Duluth in the winter”?

The lyrics are from Trampled by Turtles’ song “Duluth,” from the eponymous album.

#10 Which local ice cream business is slated to establish a location at 1908 W. Superior St. this year?

Love Creamery currently sells its homemade ice cream and sorbets out of a cart.


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