Duluth’s Asian Lady Beetle Invasion of 2017

One minute, there are no “ladybugs” in Duluth. Then one sneaks up and nibbles your arm. Suddenly Asian lady beetles are swarming everywhere. And then it’s over. The 2017 invasion happened on the afternoon of Oct. 8.

Asian lady beetles tend to cluster and swarm when daylight hours shorten and a sudden warm spell occurs. They eat aphids while conditions allow, then they quickly disappear.

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about 2 months ago

This annual invasion reminds me of a poem by Bill Holm: NUCLEAR PHYSICISTS USE ASTOUNDING COMPARISONS TO MAKE CLEAR THE NATURE OF INFINITE NUMBERS An adult male Norwegian weighs as much as two and a half billion boxelder bugs. Is it any surprise that there are more boxelder bugs than Norwegians? Imagine a planet in which Norwegians crawled up and down your kitchen walls by the thousands, hid under the warm coffee pot, fell like discolored noodles out of the noodle bags where they slept; after the blizzards started, you would find Norwegians dried inside light fixtures, Norwegians clogging up the vacuum cleaner, Norwegians floating in cups of lukewarm coffee.

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