Duluth Trivia, Continued

More from that odd board game:

1. One of the westerly townsites which later became part of Duluth had an Ojibwe name which meant “the rock from which the people sprang.” Name that townsite (and if you know whether this is accurate, let me know).

2. What nationality were the founders of the Hunter’s Park area of Duluth?

3. On what street was the Craggencroft School located?

And from the sponsored cards:

1. What is the everyday low price on T-120 VHS Tapes at Sound Sensation?

(Where/what was Sound Sensation?)

2. What is the oldest car at Leland’s Auto Museum?

(And what was this museum, which appears to have been sponsored by an auto body shop?)

3. Farrell’s business products asks: “Liquid Paper comes in how many colors, 9, 3 or 7?”

The answer will surprise you! (You might not care.)



about 11 months ago

I know the first three! Endion, Scots, and the corner of Woodland and Snively.


about 11 months ago

Oh whoops! I meant the first one is Oneota.

David Beard

about 11 months ago

Indeed, HBH1.  But no recollection of the Museum at Leland's?


about 11 months ago

I would assume if you asked an oldster at Leland's Spirit Valley Auto Body, they might know.

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