30 Years of Comics, Sports Cards, and Games

Today is Tim Broman’s 30th anniversary at Collector’s Connection. In honor of this anniversary, a number of local small businesspeople and professionals nominated the shop for a Labovitz Award, in the “mature entrepreneur” category. I tease him so hard about the category. But really, what Tim does is more that sell things, more than run a business.

Other local businesses (like Rogue Robot) exist because Tim never believed the goal of the store was to kill competition. Rather, if the community can sustain three or four shops, then the community is stronger, and all the shops will benefit. Local creators, like John Hoban, are encouraged by Tim’s energy and enthusiasm for their work. And local musician Tim Kaiser shared stories about Tim’s sense of humor in high school.

Saturday night, nearly 30 customers, family and friends met to celebrate Tim at Country Lanes. Some drove up from the Twin Cities. To be honest, I think we could have had thirty more, easily, if I could have found a way to communicate with other customers without letting Tim in on the surprise.

If you shop at CC and we didn’t get ahold of you for the party, I’m sorry — but when you go in next, congratulate and thank Tim. If you used to shop at CC as a kid, but the seriousness of life took you away, if you leave a comment here, I’ll share it with Tim.

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