Scooters in Duluth

ScootersI’m considering a 49cc scooter for getting around town, primarily from Lakeside up to work at UMD, during the non-snow months. I’m wondering if one that small can haul me, or my husband, up the hill. I’ve Googled to not a ton of help. Has anyone over, say, 200 lbs. used one? I won’t require you to divulge your actual weight.


Brian Barber

about 5 years ago

When I was a kid we had a Honda 70cc. (Previously mentioned on PDD here.) 

I was tall but much lighter then, probably 180 or 190 lbs, and the 70cc struggled a bit getting me up the hills. It would make it in low gear, but that was a slow go.


about 5 years ago

I was in the 150lb-range and had a 90cc motorcycle, and it was a real dog going up hills (it was so slow on the curve on Woodland going past Hartley, which doesn't even seem that steep). I'd say with 49cc you're either going to need the kind of ego that doesn't mind being in everyone's way, or resign yourself to secondary routes.

On the other hand, if you're only thinking 49cc so you don't need a motorcycle license, go ahead and get the license. Take the Basic Rider Course at LSC. It's a three-day class, and I've heard the test at the end of class is easier to pass than just taking the test at the DMV (I don't know that for sure—I've only taken it with the course). 

Penny Lane

about 5 years ago

You should do it! My husband and I loved riding our scooters around Duluth. I got mine in 2008 I think, when gas was very expensive. I was going to grad school at UMD, and the scooter/motorcycle parking is awesome (close to the buildings and free) on campus. Spent about $2 a month on gas, when it was near $4/gallon. 

It's so fun riding down Canal Park/Park Point (I recommend giving groups of staring kiddos a friendly little beep beep -- they love it, haha). Duluth is a really fun city to explore on a scooter. 

My husband is a bigger guy, over 200 lbs, and our 125cc Yamaha Vino had plenty of speed -- he would take off much faster than a car could going up, say, 21st Avenue East. I was around 150 lbs then and the 50cc was enough power for me to take off too, and keep up with traffic on busier streets (Woodland, etc.). The 50cc would dog with my husband on it though. 

We would even go on roads like Arrowhead -- you can pull off to a side street and let traffic clear out if you feel like you are in the way of others. But we just usually kept to the right lane and it was fine. I could get the 50cc up to 40-45 mph. It topped out at about 35 mph with my husband on it on a flat road.  We liked having both a 125cc and a 50cc, so when friends visited they could ride the 50cc -- no license required -- and we could cruise around town.

JP Rennquist

about 5 years ago

When I was a kid we would occasionally ride on the back of my godfather's Honda passport from downtown up to 7th Street. It was a little sluggish with a grown up and one kid on the back. Not sure how many CCs this was. BUT, I do kinda like this idea even for myself. Although I am gigantic these days and would need a bigger bike, I guess.

David Beard

about 4 years ago

I'm looking at standing scooters, like the ones used in the Bird system in Mpls -- does anyone know whether they are legal in Duluth?

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