Price Check: Ice Melt

watch-out-for-iceAre the freezing and thawing temperature shifts keeping you down? Literally, keeping you down on the ground because it’s so slippery outside?

Do not fear; ice melt price check is here.

It can be hard to decide what kind of ice melt to purchase. Do you really need a 50 lb. bag to get you through the winter? Do you have dogs so you need to be conscious of pet-safe ice melt? Are you grabbing a quick 10 lb. bag to get your car tires unstuck down the block?

Because everyone’s needs vary, we compared four different kinds of ice melt: Road Runner, Morton Safe-T-Salt, Safe Step Pet Friendly and Safe Step Dual Blend. Whether you are snagging a bag at the closest convenience store or stocking up for the winter at a big chain retailer, these price comparisons can will keep you informed.

Here lies the thirteenth feature for the Price Check series where we compare prices of products and services in Duluth. The prices below reflect the rate the establishment charges with tax included. The combined tax in Duluth is 8.375 percent. This is the summation of Minnesota sales tax (6.875 percent), St. Louis County transit sales/use tax (0.5 percent) and Duluth general sales tax (1.0 percent). Hermantown’s general sales tax is the same as Duluth, and the same state and county taxes apply.

Road Runner 10 lb

Road Runner 10 lb. bag


Gary Milk House Convenience Store | 1331 Commonwealth Ave., Duluth | 218-481-7767


Walgreens | 1201 Miller Trunk Highway, Duluth | 218-727-8157


Morton Safe-T-Salt 10 lb. bag


Superamerica | 602 E. Fourth St., Duluth | 218-529-1650


Mobil | 3802 Trinity Rd., Duluth | 218-727-1308


Safe Step 8 lb. Pet Friendly Jug


Walgreens | 1201 Miller Trunk Highway, Duluth | 218-727-8157


Home Depot | 1101 Mall Drive, Duluth | 218-720-0938


Safe Step 50 lb. 4300 Dual Blend


Home Depot | 1101 Mall Drive, Duluth | 218-720-0938


Mills Fleet Farm | 4165 Loberg Ave., Hermantown | 218-722-4501

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about 7 years ago

I read this yesterday at work and instantly thought: I always buy that stuff at Marshall's in East Duluth I wonder how they compare. It doesn't appear they have the same exact products. They were busy so I didn't ask the actual prices. Sign says 50 lbs for $7.99 for rock salt, 50 lbs of snowmelt for @24.99.

In this application I think rock salt is sodum chloride and snowmelt is calcium chloride.

Either way you can park right at the door and if you want they'll load it.  Heck of a deal.

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