Fairyland Park near Marble, Minnesota


This undated postcard depicts “Alice in Wonderland,” one of more than 30 scenes from favorite fairytales at Fairyland, a roadside attraction that operated from 1948 to 1972 just west of the village of Marble, about 80 miles northwest of Duluth. Pretty much anything one might want to know about Fairyland can be found on a PDF compiled by Tim Wick, son of Melvin and Faith Wick who bought the park in 1960.

Below is a three-part video with old film footage that captures the flavor of Fairyland pretty well.



about 8 years ago

This is delightful.

Martha Decker

about 6 years ago

Great story! This was exactly the type of place that we begged and begged to stop at back in the 1960s, but dad shunned such places because he believed they were all "tourist traps." My thoughts are that a closer description would be that they were people living "up north" who were trying to be creative and make a living.

I went and read Tim Wick's PDF. It sounds like Fairyland Park was charming. I was intrigued by the process they went through to make the dummies. From some of the pics that Wick included in his PDF, it looks like at least some of the dummy characters stayed outside all winter. This stuff was pure Minnesotiana!

I find it sadder than sad that places like this have almost all disappeared.

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