An Epic Voyage to Whiteside (Clough) Island

Aerial views of Clough Island in the St. Louis River estuary, Duluth, Minnesota.

OneRiverMN-Logo-FC-BadgeThis is my contribution to the One River, Many Stories project, and is epic as ever. Right here, on this fascinating island within the St. Louis River estuary, a millionaire built a large vacation home and an impressive farm that may have been the largest in the area. Here they harvested 3,500 bushels of wheat in a season, kept pigs, trained numerous racing horses, tended a herd of black angus cows, kept 40 brown swiss milking cows at one time, had 500 sheep, cared for an enormous vegetable garden, and much much more.

This was a quest to uncover remnants of the past and be immersed into an incredible story. What I discovered on kayak, on foot, and by personally meeting the author of the only book on the subject, was most surprising. See more at Ed’s Big Adventure, and perhaps be inspired to see this place for yourself.

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about 8 years ago

Nice tale Ed. Now I'd like to see an article or perhaps just a diagram of the beaver milking you mentioned. But I'm wondering if the part about your pee-pee dalliances added to the story's overall flow? Launching into your wand dilemma feels as if to deflate the overall momentum you're aiming for, getting into percentages of befowlment and whatnot, even if it makes me feel better about the times I've pissed my own pants. I often think back to the ladies and the added bodily fluid issues they contend with, and yet you rarely hear about it. It's especially unusual for a woman to get into the caca and the doodoo, while no doubt vexing to them this is a dude's favorite subject, she is surprised to learn he doesn't want to get into her menstrual details.

Take a few weeks back when I was asked for a ride from Fitger's to Walgreens by a large native woman who said she was "bleeding out her vagina." I immediately informed her that was too much information or 'TMI,' but okay I said. In hindsight, it wasn't that added detail that led me to give her a ride. If anything, would've prevented me from doing so, but fortunately for her I have less hang-ups than the average American. But women seem to otherwise have an intuitive grasp on what is essential vs not-so to the story. I think this plays into their evolution quite naturally whereas dudes are always walking the plank, why? Because they're just one link in the sausage factory I suppose... 
So I as the reader ask, if you had to 'go' that bad, why not do it on the island beforehand -- a veritable pissing sanctuary? It gets my head into a whole other arena of problems that have nothing to do with your nature trip which is supposed to be pure. Or if you are going to include that part, perhaps something about how you didn't want to offend the ancient spirits?

The only other hangup I had was when you referred to your companion as 'My Mikey." Again, I had to trace back for clues as to why he would belong to you? It's sort of a Stallone-esque/mouse in my pocket reference that tripped me up. Curious story about lost Duluth though. Would like to know more about why rich people are so fucking nuts. Thanks for sharing.

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