Perfect Duluth Stargazing Spots

Can anyone recommend good spots for stargazing in and around Duluth? I’m sure there are many places out of town along the shore, but which spots do you recommend and why? Thank you.



about 8 years ago

Do you follow Astro Bob's blog?

I know I've seen posts in the past few years where he'll describe where he took his photos. He's pretty active at responding to comments so I would go there and ask.


about 8 years ago

I know Boulder Lake near the dam is a popular area for photographing/viewing the Northern Lights .... so I could only assume it's good for stargazing as well, due to the low light pollution.


about 8 years ago

I know a lot of places for aurora, most of them would be pretty good for general stargazing. I can reply more later, have had this tab open but haven't had the time to comment... My problem is that I mostly go to watch and photograph aurora, and don't worry much about the light pollution in the southern sky. 

Boulder Lake Dam is good, pretty darn in most directions. 

Hawk Ridge (on the observatory platform) is pretty good for being within Duluth.  Most of the northern side of the sky is pretty dark, works well for aurora.  South side is pretty lit up though. 

I really like the beaches of the Amnicon and Middle River for aurora, but it's not great for general stargazing. 

One area I've never tried but might have potential is the Jean Duluth Soccer fields. 

Also, the sky gets pretty dark once you're  up Jean Duluth Rd/Pequaywan 10-20 miles from Duluth. I've shot aurora up there.

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