Behind the Curtain at got a pretty sweet write-up today by the Duluth News Tribune. is dedicated to celebrating all things Duluth. highlights sustenance, adventure, fun, and the people of our community because each business, person and activity contributes to Duluth’s unique brand.

Whatever you do:



about 6 years ago

I have a viscerally negative reaction to sponsored-content/native advertising media business models, so I'm not judging this objectively, but I think it's a little disingenuous to say that you "got a pretty sweet writeup" from your own parent company. 

Also, while the piece itself straightforwardly mentions the ownership and spon-con  issues, it's not exactly reassuring that something so unabashedly puffy ("Capturing the attention of hard-won 18- to 35-year-olds doesn’t figure to be easy, but armed with an elegant and hefty moniker in, Dixon sounds capable of filling in the rest") appeared under the DNT nameplate. 

I am wondering how will disclose content sponsorship; looking through pieces up on site this morning, I'm not seeing any paid content disclosure statements (like "sponsored" badges on Buzzfeed). Are these coming, or should we just assume that there's a paid relationship behind all content?

I know sustainable models in media are hard to come by/non-existent, so I don't want to sound entirely negative; if you're able to use the opportunity to tell unique and useful stories, you'll have this 18-35 year old's eyeballs  (with Ad-Blocker disabled!)


about 6 years ago

Um ... the DuSu ... was that a thing? It was --> (Philanthropy News Digest: The DuSu)

Seriously, when are the-powers-that-be going to stop trying to replicate PDD? Good luck, I hope you can craft your own slice of a tiny pie.


about 6 years ago

Today, the News Tribune starts Tomorrow, you'll hear them crying that they don't have resources for an investigative reporter.

Robert Lillegard

about 6 years ago

In theory, Ramos, could produce enough extra revenue to pay for an investigative reporter for the DNT. Advertising sponsoring news. I actually prefer the idea of the "sponsored content" type coverage being separated from the regular news coverage in completely separate publications rather than uneasily sharing space in one outlet.

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