Duluthians cause trouble in North Dakota



about 4 years ago

I saw one at Gooseberry once. Talk about shock and awe. It was pretty odd, aside from the NFL starter jacket,  transition lenses, or plump derriere attached to his midsection... like it's always the same guy.  He probably even had some fresh herring in his pocket as no good scout comes unprepared. I almost landed on top of them too, now that would've been awkward.  
The sad part is they were in a perfectly remote area I had just discovered. Who knows, maybe I prevented a lousy pop-punk band from being born hence ungracefully segueing into pathetic middle age father rockers saving everyone from a load of disappointment, a trip to Walgreens, and having to get a babysitter.


about 4 years ago

This thread illustrates how equally concerned locals are with editorial [email protected]#$ as they are Duluth's finances, which the author of this post continues to outline weekly in incredible detail: the mind-numbing failures of Duluth's 'leadership' relative to where they've squandered taxpayer resources and how the (silly-goose) Duluth tourist-tax doesn't seem to be helping any. 
Duluth sort of reminds me of how like today for instance, the US dumped another half billion of your taxdollars worth of ammo on the rebels in Syria, sending a message to main street that when you're in a pickle just keep throwing money or guns at it until something happens, because eventually, a 12 year long mistake will just magically go away.  Alas, our beloved handsome mayor would never do anything so foolish, as he has worked tirelessly for beer and turtles to revitalize this area.

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