Noon – “Duluth”

Noon, a band from Munich, Germany, has a song called “Duluth.” Anyone who can translate the lyrics from Italian to English or explain the existence or meaning of this song in any way is encouraged to do so in the comments to this post.



about 8 years ago

When I looked it up on YouTube, I found a jazz number called "Duluth at Noon,"  the first song on Main Street, by Jim Snidero.


about 8 years ago

Via Google Voice Translator: 

"Oh, it's dark so dark, yeah
And I wish for more long fish
And more light, and more fish
Duluth, I have forgotten you
Duluth, the storm is strong
Where now do we dig, to search for magic?
Duluth, I'm here
And it's dark so dark
But here is, here comes, here comes the morning"


about 8 years ago

That's about right.  Dark dark, yeah, repeat...Wasn't Nicolas Cave in a band called Shithaus?  Sorry, I can't tie that into Duluth. I can however tie G Harrison's 'Long, Long, Long,'  arguably the greatest Beatle song, toodle looth. A song whereby if any new song from here, or anywhere else matched its collective beauty, 2016 world would grind to a halt, twitter would implode, collective pants would be shat, sewers would jam, you get the idea.


about 8 years ago

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, the editors at are trying to figure out what the hell this Low song is about.

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