PDD Videolab: 8mm Dance Party

A box of 8mm home movies discovered at a Piedmont Heights estate sale provides the content for this video mash-up.

Film CanIMG_1368

Identified by slips of paper inside as “Christmas 1957 + Trip to Florida 1958” and “Christmas 1961 thru 1965,” the footage ran the full spectrum from boring to bizarro. We’ve pulled out the best party clips and set them to Greg Cougar Conley’s “Mary had a Baby Named Jesus,” from the Hog Damage Christmas Collection released in 2011.


The cool film can from the Glass Block department store is also worth noting.

Don’t forget, there’s more Duluth holiday video shenanigans on PDD’s Holiday Video Showcase page.


K. Praslowicz

about 8 years ago

Based on a sample size of this and the 8mm reels of my Grandpa's that I've been going through, I think it is safe to say about 85% of 8mm camera sales to Midwestern men in the 1950s and '60s were for the purpose of recording Christmases, and trips to Florida.


about 8 years ago

Both this and the Jaw Knee Vee music video are great.

Dave P

about 8 years ago

Fun video. Kid @ :48 (also visible at 1:49) appears to have wet pants. Explains the sloooow outside turn.


about 8 years ago

Yeah, I felt sorry for little Slow-Dance Pee Wee. Somebody should have put down the camera and helped him out.
But the kid in the chair seems to be having a pretty good Christmas.


about 8 years ago

When I first saw this, I thought it was a parody, but Kodak is reintroducing a Super 8 camera later this year. It records to the same 8 mm film cartridges that have always been around, then they will develop it and scan 4k video files from that teeny tiny strip of film, and load them to The Cloud.

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