Cornucopia 2015: A Remarkable Harvest!


A week ago we hosted an outstanding event at the Red Herring Lounge: Cornucopia 2015. The evening featured some of the best live music our area has to offer, both Emily Larson and Don Ness, live painting, tap dance, local brews, and more. Unbridled joy, like running with wild horses, marked the evening. A goal was to showcase and celebrate the abundant talent our area produced in 2015. This year’s harvest, if you will. Additionally, we wanted everyone to experience just how accessible these local “celebrities” really are. There are no little people. You can read more about this one-of-a-kind evening, the busiest Tuesday ever at the Red Herring Lounge, at Ed’s Big Adventure.



about 4 years ago

This just seems so much nicer than the gangland death threat scenario (from a stranger) I stumbled into at Luce last night. Sometimes I almost forget (what sometimes feels like) half this town is replete with soon to not be ex-con human trafficking drug lords of the how and why are you still alive category. If you're white, like Don Ness clearly is, your chances of being caught up in the dark other half of Duluth just go way down. It's amazing the two parties can coexist so obliviously to one another. Just look at that shit eating grin, on Ness that is. It says, I might as well be mayor of some cute little  town in Norway about to celebrate Santa Claus, than of the human trafficking/drunk driving homicide capitol of Minnesota. 

But I would never judge a super smile from an attractive teacher lady in the same way I would a mayor who pretends to be wore out from the spotlight,  who is more probably bidding his time until his next big race.  Who am I to judge why Duluth has so many dirtbags or how the Red Herring has a magical forcefield to repel them?


about 4 years ago

No, I give Don credit where due, even though that is a pretty ugly shirt. Ironically it's his beautiful face and peaceful demeanor that are perfect for helping to forget or ignore Duluth's darkside hence his herculean popularity. I took something to heart that Kyle "Triggerman' Coroneos of Saving Country Music fame said.  He was nice enough to chat for a time about what's really wrong with not only pop country but society and he goes into that with great eloquence on his site. But that you really haven't made it until someone has their guns out on the table loaded for you. Anybody, Don included, gets major cojones credit just for putting it all out there for the world to see. A certain "fuck all" attitude you gotta respect. I liken it to Johnny Knoxville bumming a cigarette from that big black dude in Bad Grampa then stomping out on the street. You have to go into this world, on a daily basis, ready to take a beating.


about 4 years ago

Don will you play Santa Claus this year?  We can dress up Central Hillside like a cute Norwegian village.

Paul Lundgren

about 4 years ago

There might be a correlation between looking for a good time and having a good time vs. being ready to take a beating and taking a beating.

Then again, I was looking for a good time, felt like I was having one, and then Herzog inserted human trafficking and drug lords into it. So there goes my theory.

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