Gas mileage in Duluth

Larry David Car Salesman

In the first episode of Season Two of Curb Your Enthusiasm (2001), Larry David is trying to sell cars for the first time in his life. Duluth comes up in his spiel.

Customer: What kind of gas mileage am I going to get?

Larry David: Fifty-two.

Customer: Fifty-two in the city.

David: Depending on the city, of course. Duluth is a city, it’s considered a city, but it’s not as big as Brooklyn or whatever.

Customer: Okay.

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about 9 years ago

I do a fair amount of work tracking brand name mentions. On thinking about this post and the others at PDD that track Duluth references in pop culture, I think there's a strong anecdotal consensus that Duluth is overmentioned relative to it's share of the U.S. (or maybe predominantly English-speaking) population. 

A neat project that I will tackle at some time is to use Google books ngram as a broad sampling of mentionshare and track mentions of "Duluth" relative to populationshare over time alongside a representative sample of other cities. Following the anecdotal evidence, I suspect that Duluth captures disproportionate mentionshare relative to populationshare. I also suspect that Duluth's current mentionshare is close to what would be expected for Duluth's populationshare in the early 20th century; i.e. our prominence in pop culture remains pegged to that incandescent period.

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