Innoculation Self Portrait

Illinois native Jill Petracek has dark brown eyes, brown hair and strange feet. She graduated from UMD last week.

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about 9 years ago

Honest, brave, engaging. You're a talented artist indeed Jill. Captures well the struggles of youth, and seeking a creative path in the 9-5 empire. I'm even of the belief this film has won PDD 2015.  Then again, as Beck once said after winning the 2003 grammy's, "Considering the competition..." No I jest, who's to really say this was far more communicative and enlightening than Aquavelvetman slivering through the murky depths of Superior? Okay I will. Who was it once said, to be young is to be sad is to get high?  

What 20 somethings rarely realize though is that by the time they're 40, they'll be two generations removed from where they were in their minds just relative moments before, yet facing down the same amount of time until they're 60, essentially having 40 more years at that point to ponder the futility of it all, of being cast aside as irrelevant and disgusting by that endless stream of 20 year olds shooting off the incubator.

 By the time you're like say 26 1/2,  you're at the beginning of your American irrelevancy. Perhaps because you are no longer in the womblike confines of your institution of higher learning that encourages creativity in a controlled environment before outcasting you into, with no real training, the Actual World.  Your parents/you pay great sums of money to take you out of the real world during your prime to be indoors, some more, in a place that purports to give you all the training you'll need for said real world, while instead being the actual opposite in so many ways.  I suppose it gives you time to ruminate on this though. But all the masters and doctoral work, or retaking your bachelors won't deliver you back to those fresh loves and thrills you had there, because no other environment captures that precise artificial experiment. Your job now as graduate is to go out, stimulate the economy through large purchases of house and vehicle, breed, and maybe change the world in five years or less or die trying.  Because the fresh minds of the next set will cast you aside regardless soon thereafter like some used floss-pick the moment they find out you're in your 30s with one foot in the grave, even though you'll likely live another 100 years.  That's why many choose to become university professors in spite of those brutal odds, more sitting, more crappy lighting and lectures, but then at least youths have a vehicle or a box with which to put you in that serves their purpose.

Regardless, each passing year will be a reminder of what these hipsters put up with just having to look at you, let alone occupy the same space. Many such as Paul Lundgren of PDD fame will be in his 60's by the time todays hipsters are in their 40's, and kids eons younger than all of you will stare on in disgust while you fist-pump your way through Homegrown 69 as they move to the other side of the room.  And that's why the only real advice here is to live today like there's no tomorrow.  I'm talking sex in the streets, heroin, skydiving, whatever. 

Follow your craziest ideas no matter how much shit people give you, because life is fleeting, and offices and sitting are bad for you.   Prolonged lack of exposure to sunlight and warmth are silent killers as well. Which probably explains a lot about life in Duluth.  Yet moving west is no longer an option either because larger than biblical droughts are headed there in the coming years, which in turn will cause them to move here at alarming rates, steal your water, and drive up your property taxes further reinforcing your obsoletedness as the community becomes even more inundated with young attractive people like so many Australian rabbits, before the zombie plague wipes us all out.  All you can do at this point is attempt to prodigiously outbreed your neighbor so that your offspring are hopefully able to seek some kind of revenge or retribution on the generations above them, which in the end you know will never happen because it's merely a vicious catch 22 cycle and entertainment for the gods.

That's my commencement speech. How'd I do?

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