Three more artists this week … Coldsnap, Koshinski, Dalbec

Dalbec Photography

Three more artists to mention:

I had coffee with John Gregor and Christian Dalbec yesterday. Dalbec and Gregor are among the photographers who wake with the sun and take pictures of the shore.

If you know me, you know that I am not a nature lover. I sit alongside nature, rather than amid or among it, so Dalbec’s photography is engaging despite my biases.

Gregor runs Coldsnap photography, which both offers photography services and teaches photography classes. His work, I have celebrated before.

We met because John has some fascinating ideas for increasing the visibility of artists in Northern Minnesota. I love meeting an artist who is committed not just to their own success, but to the arts ecology of the region.

I heard Gene Koshinski give a talk this afternoon, too. Koshinski won the research, scholarship and creative activity award at UMD for his innovative work in percussion. I am musically inept. But I found his presentation, his discussion of innovative playing methods with instruments like marimbas, fascinating. You can listen to his work here.

So much art and music in Duluth.

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