An Incline Railway Mystery

Incline Debris 01

I’m back again with another mystery! Way back in October of 2006, I was exploring the topmost bit of overgrown sidewalk on Seventh Avenue West, (between Skyline and West Eighth Street). This walkway ran parallel to east side of the old Incline Railway, which pedestrians would have used as access for each stop along the way. At the top at West Eighth Street, where the sidewalk first begins, I happened to notice off to the side in the overgrowth, a large pile of of steel girders and wooden posts, located right about where the incline once stood.

Incline Debris Map

Regrettably, I never followed up on finding out if these were really parts of the old Incline Railway, which was sold for scrap in the late 1930s. Since then, new owners of the old Weather Station home have vastly renovated the property, and it’s possible the old debris may have been removed.

Incline Debris 03

I intend to check in the spring if anything is indeed left, but if anybody knows about this debris, feel free to comment. If it is still there, and was part of the Incline Railway, I really don’t know what significance that would mean, possibly nothing, but I would still find it immensely fascinating.

Incline Debris 02

Is this leftover scrap from the Incline?

Incline Stairs

The once hidden stairway in the overgrowth.



about 9 years ago

My friend has explored that area -- will show her your post. I love this hidden/leftover stuff too!

Laurie Mattson

about 9 years ago

Awesome find! I have some pics I took a few years ago from that area, too. Then I watched Lost Duluth on PBS and lo and behold, our "find" is on there. I like to think I was the first and only person to come across these things. I think not! But I'd love to come look with you in the Spring! Thanks for the great post!

Here are my pics from different angles of the foundation (which is located below a small slope from where the pavilion once stood).

Duluth Incline area 06

Duluth Incline area 08

The pic below of the stairs is from the east of the area, on a path not too far from it.  

Duluth Incline area 14

Below are some of the things I have found in the earth by the pavilion/incline. And the second is something I actually tripped over ... I believe it's still there; I laid it back down after I took the photo! Amazing what we can find, isn't it?

Duluth Incline 01

Duluth Incline area 09


about 9 years ago

Those are some nice finds Laurie, great job! I love finding historical ruins and items.

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