Woodblind – “Big Voice”

Some Woodblind for your weekend.


Shane Bauer

about 8 years ago

Super rad. Thanks Brian! And Jason & Veikko - liking some Wood Blind for my weekend.

ms dean

about 8 years ago

This makes me happy. I especially like how you handled Veikko's vocalizations!


about 8 years ago

This perhaps being the best time for a rant, does anyone ever see nationally recognized bands on say Austin City Limits, and become astounded by their sheer awfulness?  Is there a shitnado that pulls everything toward Austin? You look at the pablum brought forth at SXSW and wonder, did money or computers kill rock?  It can't be that simple.  Exceptions given to Heartless Bastards and a few other unknowns I'm sure.  Because out of 40 million bands, a few of them must be killing it?  

So then why PBS, the constant reminder of the sordid state of music via Austin Texas?   I know the golden age of whatever is gone with the wind, but it's especially rough, given this harsh winter, to have you hammering it over me like a wet bag of goose turds every Sat night is all.  

Remember kids, its not technological or technical proficiency that writes good music, its hard knocks and heart.

Shane Bauer

about 8 years ago

I had 7 minutes to kill before heading out the door one day. So after turning down the heat, I chose to quickly flip through the channels rather than shut off the tube and wait for my wife by the door. I came across Austin City Limits and could not focus on anything except the duo that was performing a very raw, stripped down song called "Boxcar." I had no idea who they were but they sounded like they were born to make music together. After they swapped instruments and went into the next song called "Birmingham," I decided in only two half songs that they were one of the most talented couples I had seen play together in a long time. It took being late out the door to learn they go by the name "Shovels & Rope."

The next day I bought their album. It never gets old. Then we saw them blow everyone away at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. And now they're one of my favorite bands of this decade so far. So although I agree that Austin City Limits doesn't always please everyone with every episode, it's good for something. Certainly better than a wet bag of goose turds. 

I'm not including a link and don't bother with the online version of the episode. The videos don't do them justice, but you can catch them opening for John Prine this April at the DECC. All those who come late just to see Prine are really going to miss out. Unfortunately, I can't make it to this show but I'm really excited they'll be in Duluth.

I'm even more excited that we have a similar program in The Playlist that showcases local acts that people may have never seen or heard before, also courtesy of PBS. I think that's the greatest benefit of these programs, whether folks like the music or not.

Anyway, they say Nashville is the new Austin now. And although I've never seen a local band play on Austin City Limits, our own Trampled By Turtles WILL be playing the Ryman Auditorium on Feb. 7. That's big time. Proud to say I won't be missing that show, but rather, celebrating hard knocks and heart with some good ol' Duluth boys. I'll try to remember to post some photos.


about 8 years ago

Thanks for the laugh and the big smile, Brian! I love the expression on the mouse's face.  And great job Wood Blind. Okay, I think I have to watch that again.


about 8 years ago


George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq and nepotistic policies funneled a ton of money to Austin in the 00s.

That is what funded the "cultural explosion" out of Austin.

It brought out the enormous arrogance and promotion of everything out of that land of Oil Baron children getting drunk, partying, and talking about how they rule the world.


about 8 years ago

I don't know how many more licks from the thousands of americana gospel folk hip hop bands it'll take to reach the center of that Tootsie-Pop, but I'm not going to Nashville to find out.  It's like Hal somehow disconnected our hearts from our brain through this funny-box you're reading off this very moment.

Now that you mention it though, the invasion of Iraq/A-stan did sort of feel like one giant gang rape of the American/Middle Eastern public where everyone around us was a frat boy chanting U-S-A on what seemed like a Busch soaked, chained dog floor.

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