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Gathering of the Juggalos – Northern Edition


Make it happen, people.

Vast, mysterious, and oddly impenetrable

From the Current / Minnesota Public Radio:

Duluth Homegrown 2012: Highlights from the 14th annual Twin Ports festival

Happy Homegrown! Duluth’s annual music festival showcases a talented, tight-knit community

Tom Russell – “Mesabi”

Have you ever seen Duluth
when the Great Lake waves were pounding?
There must be some way out of there
You might end up lost or drowning

And the polkas at the Polish dance halls
And the carnivals of Spring
Rock and roll on that upright piano
And the kids make the high school rafters ring

Flaming Lips’ movie Christmas on Mars

The Flaming Lips’ film Christmas on Mars screens on Friday, June 10, just before midnight, under the auspices of Sound Unseen, within the magnificent Zinema 2.

Rare posters and unexpected Duluth flashbacks will be given away.