Homegrown Music Video Festival 2015

The 2015 Homegrown Music Video Festival featured 13 songs interpreted by 13 videographers. Here are the eight that have made it to the Internet.

Phillip of Nazareth – “War is Peace”
Video by Tomas Soderberg

Wolf Blood – “Dancing on Your Grave
Video by Edward Simon

Danecdote (featuring Brian Ring) – “I’m Gonna Say You Will”
Video by Garrett Tiedemann

Giljunko – “Sunnyside Estates”
Justin Sinks

Electric Witch – “And the End Is”
Video by Chris Brown

The Brothers Burn Mountain – “Like a Layer of Stars (Cosmic Love)”
Video by Andrea Cacek

Jim Hall – “The Problem Tune”
Video by Lyz Jaakola

Maddy Siiter – “Runaway”
Video by Emily Norton and Killy Kay

Starling of Athens – “The Lord is Not My Real Dad”
Video by Brian Barber

Videos from the 2015 festival that are not available on the Internet at this time are:
Low Forms – “Cherry Tigers” (video by Jamie Ness)
Timmy Jacks Off – “Here I Was Alone and Everything was Finished” (video by Nicholas Sunsdahl)
Brian Dack – “Loon Lake Liftoff (video by Kathy McTavish)
Steve Johnson – “Crow Jane” (video by Celeste Gallagher)

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