Homegrown Music Video Festival 2013

For the fifth year in a row, Annie Dugan from the Free Range Film Festival and the Duluth Art Institute organized the Homegrown Music Video Festival. Videographers were assigned a song by a local band on March 1, and had until April 16 to create a video.

The Keep Aways – “Over Your Shoulder”
Video by Brian Barber
Key Grip – Chris Bacigalupo

Phantom Ship – “Japan”
Video by Grant Ertl

A Winter Downpour – “Vandrovec, I Need Help”
Moving pictures by Kathy McTavish (from Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York)

La Foret – “Today is the Yesterday that We Will not Remember Tomorrow”
Director: Carl Hansen (Hansen International Productions)
Cinematography: Beau Larson (Stem Christie Media)

James and Younger – “A Place To Run”
Video by Emily Norton

The People Say Fox – “The Roseman”
Video by Al Skomars of Sanguine Pictures

Hattie Peterson – “Fossil Fears”
Video by Carla Blumberg

Lion or Gazelle – “There’s Blood in Fire”
Video by Richard Narum

Red Mountain – “Beautiful Love”
By Edward L. Simon

Little Black Books – “Silendo”
Video by Richard Hansen

Tangier 57 – “Last Tango in Duluth”
Video by Hannah Bockbrader

American Rebels – “Hurts Like Hell”
Video by Justin Sinks

Bill Bastain & Israel Malachi – “Ice Castles in Darkness”
Video by Michael Hillmeyer

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