Homegrown Music Video Festival 2012

Starting in January, volunteer local videographers were assigned songs at random from local musicians. They were given until April 17 to create a music video with their assigned song. Twenty-eight stepped up to the challenge and 17 remained standing at the end of the process. The following music videos are the results of their efforts.

500 Million Society – “The Quest”
Video by Brian Barber

Aaron Gall and the Likely Story – “White Boy Drunk”
Video by Eric Dubnicka and Jessica Hall

Yester – “A Wishing Well”
Video by Michael Hillmeyer

Tangier 57 – “It’s Complicated”
Video by Edgewood Smith

Kyle Ollah – “Fenton Bells”
Video by Justin Sinks

500 Million Society – “Big Brother”
Video by Ryan Taylor and Wyatt Barber

Jessica Myshack – “Thin Miss”
Video by Amanda Dahl and Logan Sales

The People Say Fox – “The Whaler’s Line”
Video by Emily Norton

Little Black Books – “Kozy”
Director & Editor: Joshua Carlon
Director of Photography: Chris Hadland

And a bonus video not officially part of the festival because of a missed deadline …

The Surfactants – “Aussenseiter”
Video by Anders and Rich Narum

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