Video: Charlie Parr Live at the Paramount Theatre in Austin

KSMQ, the public television station for southern Minnesota and northern Iowa, captured Duluth musician Charlie Parr performing a concert in his hometown of Austin, Minn. last month. Next Thursday Parr performs in Duluth with Alan Sparhawk at Sacred Heart Music Center.

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about 10 years ago

Ol' Chuck Parr? Big Al Spar? OK then, I gotta be there!
Iffn any of U got a friend(s) in the Cities with requisite sense of adventure and luv-o-music who might bomb up to DooLoo with me, please lemme know!
For the record, on occasion I've been told I'm a pleasant but not-too-young guy with a decent head of hair. . . drivin a low-mileage shiny black 1995 Honda wagon with factory cassette deck!
I'd bee leaving StP right afta werk, roughly 4PM. . . probly head right back to BigCity after the show. . .
Drop me a note. . . Grrroger

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