DSFF Day 3 & 4

Last night, I saw Sorcerer and the Shorts festival at the Duluth Superior Film Festival… and I will be adding more to my thoughts before I post them.

Kathleen RobertsBut I ran into Kathleen Roberts, a local poet and a leader in the Duluth arts scene (one of the engines behind Prove Gallery). I teased that she would probably spend the weekend watching the movies in her gallery, but this is what she shared with me, instead — the movies she wants to see in the festival. Maybe she or I will see you there?

Old Man-The film begins with a poem, and I am interested to see how the form of film will reflect the form of literature in this context.

Michigan Beer Film-I’m interested in seeing this for obvious reasons. Beer is on the rise, and I’m thrilled about it.

Manakama-This seems to be one of the films appearing in the festival with a really strong concept behind it. The characters featured in the trailer seem varied, yet relatable, and it’s shot in a confined but appealing style.

You’ll Like My Mother-I’m a thriller/horror junkie, and this looks like a totally great one. Somehow, a director made what appears to be a Hitchcock/Price/Craven mash-up, and it’s rated PG. I feel like I really have to see it. Plus, Patty Duke, the film’s star, will be present, which always adds that element of ‘breaking the 4th wall’, which is what I think makes film fests so enjoyable in the first place.

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[email protected]

about 10 years ago

Actually, I won't be at any of these, but I might see you at The Final Member tonight!

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