Biking in Duluth Near the Airport

I’m trying to figure out a good biking route for commuting from about Lester Park to Cirrus in Hermantown. I have pieces – Glenwood has a nice shoulder, as do Snively and Arrowhead up until Kenwood – but after Kenwood things get a little trickier. Does anyone else do this or parts of it? Any tips?

And if I wanted to talk to people about maybe improving the scene up on the hill for road biking, who would I start with? I’m not looking for anything fancy, but shoulders wider than bike tires would be a real improvement. I’m glad to see the lake front part of town getting bike-love, and obviously campus, but there’s a lot of town not getting covered.


K. Praslowicz

about 4 years ago

When you hit the top of Glenwood turn right onto Jean Duluth and connect up with Martin Road. I'm pretty sure Martin has some big shoulders and can get you pretty close to the airport.

Also, this map might help you find some of the more well traveled routes.


about 4 years ago

That is a really awesome map - thanks! 

Maybe I'll try Martin again. I rode it a year or so ago, and it does have great shoulders but the pavement was just awful. Thanks!


about 4 years ago

We rode Martin to Rice Lake Road to Airport Road a couple of weeks ago (the one warm day this year so far) and the shoulders were surprisingly free of grit. Martin shoulders seemed fine to me, although we jumped on at Arnold.


about 4 years ago

Arrowhead has some nice new sidewalks, which are legal for bicycles to ride on everywhere except in business areas. Highly recommended.

Jon Loye

about 4 years ago

I live in Lakeside and bike to Lavaque and 53 daily. Martin is great, just paved last fall but it's out there a ways. If it's early enough, Arrowhead is pretty descent in terms of traffic. I'm off Arrowhead by 7:30 and I don't feel crowded. I turn off at Swan Lake Road, which will get you close to Cirrus. Another option is to go up Woodland Avenue to the stop sign by Ace Hardware (East Calvary). Turn left and go to Homecroft School. Turn right at T (Howard Gnesen?) and take first left on West Calvary. It's parallel to Martin but 1/2 mile closer. Turn left on Rice Lake Road, right on Kruger (rough but no traffic, or take Airport Road -- closer but busier), left on Haines, right on Swan Lake Road and that brings you to the correctional facility by the airport.


about 4 years ago

My road, Anderson, recently got an upgrade that include a bike lane. I'm honored to owe the city $8000 for my part (which is going to help me sell the house, oh yes, a lot!) while some major thoroughfares still don't even have a sidewalk on both sides.

The Big E

about 4 years ago

As far as what could be done to improve road riding, the biggest thing I can think of would be to pressure the county or the state or whoever it is who mills the rumble strips in the shoulders outside the city limits.


about 4 years ago

A couple suggestions for people to talk to in order to share ideas for planning bike routes:

Healthy Duluth Area Coalition:
Duluth's Parks and Rec Commission (which I serve on...but is obviously limited to Duluth):

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