Bobcats and Eagles

From Wildwoods, about recent admits. We get fewer in the Winter, but they are more interesting, as cases.

About a Bobcat:  Mary, one of the great Conservation Officers north of Duluth, first got a call about a bobcat by the side of the road around 2:30pm on Friday. When she got there check things out, the bobcat was just lying there, pretty out of it.

Mary called and said asked if we’d take the bobcat. Sure, we said! Mary headed home to grab a dog kennel, then back to get the bobcat. However, now the bobcat was much more alert. As soon as Mary got within 20 feet of him, the kitty took off, with nary a limp or a mis-step. So he had the wind knocked out of him, and was a little loopy for a while, but is fine now. Yay! And thanks so much to Mary, who went out of her way to help him, and was willing to drive him all the way to Duluth! Our CO’s up here are amazing.

About an Eagle:  We got this bald eagle from just south of Cloquet, where he was sitting motionless on a lake. He had been sitting in the snow for so long that he had big clumps of ice stuck to his belly and butt.

He’s really skinny, has no injuries that we see, but has neurological signs (see how his head is twisting around to the right?). These neurological signs, along with his bright green poop, make us think he’s suffering from lead poisoning. We won’t know for sure until he gets blood work to test his lead levels, but it’s a pretty safe guess. Lead poisoning is heart-breaking — so deadly, and so completely avoidable.

We’ve given him fluids and anti-inflammatory drugs. Say a prayer for him; he’s in rough shape. And make sure to urge all your friends and family who deer hunt to switch to copper ammo. It could save the life of a beautiful bird like him. Thanks! The Raptor Center vet confirmed that has high levels of lead in his blood, he’s starving, and he’s got some internal injuries. She’s started him on chelation therapy for the lead poisoning. Fingers crossed.


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about 8 years ago

About lead and Eagles, from the Duluth Budgeteer:


about 8 years ago

Good luck eagle! (and yay bobcat!)

Nick L

about 8 years ago

Thanks for posting this. The eagle story prompted me to email my ammunition manufacturer over lunch break about copper bullets.  They're still lead only. But the more requests they get, the more likely they are to make lead alternatives. I'll keep looking for copper options.

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