Getting Lost in the Valley of Silence

Yesterday I had a rare 90-minutes to myself and after some meandering I ended up behind St. Scholastica looking for the sunset. I never really did find it, but I did see some other stuff.

As a YMCA Camp Counselor in my teens I have many fond memories of leading tromps with kids through these forests, never really understanding the “silence” part of the title. During my time as a busy grad student and later as an employee of CSS I never once made it back to the Valley of Silence.

Now I finally think I get it.

As Ferris Beuller told us all “You can really miss a lot if your not paying attention.” Not sure if I got that quote or not exactly right, but I can see why the Sisters of St. Scholastica have kept this piece of land development-free to give this town a place to breathe, and if the inclination is there, to pray.

(gallery, click the image for a detailed view)

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