You sure got that right, Chris Monroe



about 11 years ago

Hope that sucker didn't zap your tongue, Mr. Paul.  

What about the way that skunks are digging pits the size of mantraps in the paths through the meadow behind my barn as they scramble to harvest grubs. A mixed blessing of fall--good to have grubs gone, bad to twist ankle while walking!


about 11 years ago

I am on a screened porch, but the hornets are flying between me and the sun in a way that makes their shadows look like they are buzzing right next to my head. This is making me twitchy.


about 11 years ago

I just read about that! They seriously ended up in my nightmares the next evening!


about 11 years ago

You and me both, BadCat!  Do you remember the scene in "1984" where Winston Smith has that cage attached to his face, and the screen door opens, and ...

I always said that if that cage was filled with wasps, I would believe whatever they wanted me to believe.

Even that the gov't shutdown is a great idea.


about 11 years ago

I just saw that movie for the first time the other day, and wasn't bothered by the rats (I like rats), but the idea of them tunneling through my face would be rather terrifying.

However, if they had those Asian hornets in there, I'd be all "Hail Big Brother!" as soon as they pulled the sheet off of that thing!

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