Hello, Duluth People

This is Jeff Cork, some guy who used to live in Duluth but then moved to a beautiful St. Paul suburb. I have a handsome brother named Jason Cork.

Anyway, I’m turning 40 in a few days and we’re going to have a fun party because that number ends with a 0. The party will be on August 30 at some bar called McCarron’s Pub in Maplewood. Sexhawk is going to be playing! Bone Appetit played at this spot when it was a dive called Dean’s. They added some taps with Irish beer and put shamrocks all over the place, and now it’s miraculously converted into a pub. There’s also a burger place attached. Irish burgers, I assume.

Soooooo… Duluth people should come and say hi and listen to some rawk music while drinking beers or whatever. I promise that it will be a super fun time unless you’re some kind of jackass who hates having fun times. In that case, you should hang out in the parking lot.

Hope to see you there!




about 11 years ago

That Bone Appetit show at this location was on March 29, 2003, and they played with Both. Somewhere, I have a photo of two guys playing chess on a table right in front of the stage while Both played. Apparently, they were there first, so they weren't moving. 

Also, the statement that I am handsome is accurate.


about 11 years ago

Oh yeah. People will probably begin filling their stomachs with beer around 7-7:30 or so, and Sexhawk will be playing sometime after that. It's a damned bar. You won't be early or late, whenever you arrive. The later you get there, the dumber we will all be.

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