July 2013 Posts

Where in Cloquet?

Local(ish) author Roy C. Booth wins recognition

Novelist and playwright Roy. C. Booth is from Hibbing and still has family there, and he’s the special guest at the 21st annual Diversicon (held in St Paul, MN). Roy will share the stage with Jack McDevitt, Catherine Lundoff, and posthumous guests Cordwainer Smith and Peter Cushing.

Help us with a theory

The other day, a friend and I were talking on Facebook about personality types according to Myers-Briggs and we noticed that, just in our circles of Duluth friends, there’s a huge proportion of one type of Myers-Briggs personality.

We then wondered if this was just coincidence or does Duluth have a larger-than-usual percentage of this relatively rare personality type.

So we’re turning to you all to help.

Please take this test (it’s free) and then post your results and the city in which you live. Thanks!


The test starts underneath the text box at the top of the page.

Changes to Arrowhead Regional Arts Grants

There are major changes coming in grant funding in the arts in our region. This notice will help explain some of them.

Catnip: Egress to Oblivion?

This short film was one of the highlights of last weekend’s Free Range Film Festival in Wrenshall. Call this an encore presentation.


Please help! We’re having a fence installed, and the workers were pounding a post near the garage when a steady stream of bumble bees started coming out of the ground. It’s fantastic! I’m thrilled to know that we are hosting these amazing little creatures. However, the fence workers want us to fumigate the hive before they continue working. We will not do this. So … any ideas? We won’t have the blood of a hundred bees on our hands.

Poll: Best Breakfast Restaurant

Through a recent poll about breakfast joints we have a disputable, yet official list of the five favorite places to seek ante-meridiem nourishment in the Duluth area. Now it’s time to determine which is number one, so again we ask the all-important question …

Which restaurant serves the best breakfast?

Loading ... Loading ...

This poll is now closed. The results were …

Duluth Grill — 39.2 percent
Pizza Lucé — 21.6 percent
Uncle Loui’s — 17.5 percent
At Sara’s Table / Chester Creek Café — 15.4 percent
The Kitchen — 6.2 percent

What’s being built kitty-corner from At Sara’s Table, across the street from V.I.P.?

Anyone know?

Care Bears, Care Bears, Yeah – Live at Beaner’s

Someone tell us everything about this band, because we need to know right now.

OK, this is totally worth it. Trust me.

First, watch this real video about the 10 trips you have to take in your 20s.

Then, watch this spoof about the 10 trips you actually take in your 20s.  Watch closely, particularly right after the JFK airport scene.  It’s totally worth it.

Park Point Volunteer Surf Rescue

Help us raise funds to buy a rescue board! PPVSR T-shirts are $25 each, made in the USA, with a big logo on the back and a small logo on the front. Can be picked up or delivered — e-mail parkpointvsr @ gmail.com or post on our Facebook page. Thanks!

Ultimate Portrait: Mayor Edition

For inspiration in order to capture a “way out there” portrait, I posed the question to the Duluth Mayor Don Ness about the accomplishments he is most proud. This image is the result. See more of the story at photojournal.us.

This week: playgrounds, family trees and webslingers


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

After you wave goodbye to the last of the tall ships today you can go to the Grand Opening of the New Lester Park Playground tonight.

Revisit all the awkward hilarity of The Dating Game but with live Duluthians playing for love and big prizes at The Underground on Tuesday.

Spirit Valley Days starts up on Wednesday with music, a classic car show, and the Miss West Duluth Pageant and runs through Sunday with plenty of stuff happening every day.

Want to shake your family tree? There’s a free genealogy workshop at the Public Library on Thursday.

Every Friday during the summer (well, part of the summer anyway) there’re Movies in the Park at Leif Eriksen Park and this week’s movie is The Amazing Spiderman.

There are 34 events listed on Saturday and about half of them are free. You choose what you want to highlight, ’cause I can’t choose. Let us know in the comments.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know.

The Deeps

Video Archive: Christopher Halverson – “Hollywood”

The intro song is Syd Straw’s “Future 40s (String of Pearls).” Then Halverson kicks into his original “Hollywood,” which was a mainstay over the years in his sets with bands such as the Mighty Shock Tower, Sloe Loris, Verona, A Band Called Truman, etc.

This one is from deep in the archives — recorded by UWS Studio II at R.T. Quinlan’s on Sept. 16, 1995. Produced by Brandon Leno. Edited by Brandon Leno and Margo Abramson. The one and only Eric Swanson was on the sound board. Production assistance by Renee Hudacek, Melissa Long, Paul Lundgren, Dinelli Seneviratne and Nathan Steigman.

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