Rice’s Point on an Icy December Day

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about 11 years ago

Thanks for taking the time and effort to share this, Paul.

ms dean

about 11 years ago

Any sign of the snowy owl?

Tony D.

about 11 years ago

Nice shots, Paul.

For some historic photos of Rice's Point, along with the history of the now-post Garfield Avenue Residential District, check out Zenith City's December feature story.

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

The elusive snowy owl was indeed elusive. There were plenty of pigeons, of course ...

I decided if I were a snowy owl I'd probably enjoy this tree.

And indeed, there were plenty of mice around to keep an owl well fed. They were too fast for me to photograph, but I can offer this hole as evidence.

Zeek tried to invite one particular mouse to come back out and play, but that went nowhere.

Finally, I thought I saw the snowy owl soaring overhead, but it turns out I was way off.

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