You forgot something the other night …

Perhaps this brief rant is more appropriate for Craig’s List, but I’ll digress anyway … some jackass stole my Garmin GPS the other night. But the bandit didn’t take the power cord or the windshield mount. Maybe the $70 they took out of the neighbors car will be used for accessories. Well, these items now don’t serve me at all and are just reminders that years of camping waypoints are now in the hands of some d-bag [or perhaps d-canoe] who certainly doesn’t appreciate them.

If you are going to be a thief, why don’t you at least do it well? This sort of half-assed nefarious demonstration really dilutes my perception of the common criminal. There was a $100 pair of sunglasses right next to the GPS. There were two bottles of prescription amphetamine in the glove box, there was a fist full of quarters in the ash tray, there was the Led Zeppelin How the West was Won CD set in a ziplock bag on the floor, there was even a well used copy of The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous right there for you.

Anyway – if any of you tech-savvy people run across a Garmin NUVI 1100 without accessories posted on Craigslist or at a garage sale — please respond. I got the SN to officer friendly down at the PD so I should have my bases covered with the local pawn shops. So besides being disappointed in the dipshitness of the theft — I really would like to get those waypoints recovered — there is about three years of recreation archived on that.



about 12 years ago

You just outlined a major problem with technology Bishop. Indeed, your very name hearkens to the ironic character opposite Ripley in the groundbreaking Aliens films which speaks to this very problem.  

Further strange, is that I just sold the soundtrack to this on Amazon. And not to rub it in, but had you backed up all that hard work in a nice little Lord of the Rings three-ring binder you kept with your Tighty Whities, well...

How many of you don't even have your partner's phone number memorized? Sad. The thief prompts some real hair-raising questions for the modern age, and maybe that was His intention, for the day the Chinese or the Iranians throw the switch on the U.S. power grid. He was testing you Bishop, this man obviously wasn't into Zeppelin or narcotics, he just wanted to escape into the Bush. He's probably got a multipurpose charger wired into his key chain.

Boy Scout credo, "Always come prepared."


about 12 years ago

My car was broke into late Thursday/early Friday. Jerks were only able to get about three bucks in change - actually left a few coins. Car was parked behind my house and appears the only one hit in the immediate vicinity. 
Sounds like it was a good couple days for break-ins. While getting my window fixed at the local shop, the phone was ringing with about 7 calls for car break-ins. 

I also had other items in my car that I thought should have been jacked. Luckily the Julie & Julia video my mom recommended I watch was still in there! 

Hair of the Monk

about 12 years ago

Seems to be the trend. The face plate for my CD Player was taken on Saturday night. The whole unit slides right out, but whoever it was was too stupid to figure that out (also, the knob fell off the face plate as they closed the door). It's now useless to the both of us. Sure glad he/she also left the compressor and chop saw stand which was blatantly in the box of my truck.

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