Post-flood camping options?

I’ll be up in the area via Minneapolis at the end of the month to play a show at Thirsty Pagan Brewing. I was hoping to camp near Duluth and get some hiking in. Since I haven’t ventured up since before the floods, does any one have suggestions toward what’s still tent-campable? I’m only asking because my first option (Jay Cooke) is obviously out of the picture.

Anything you got will help. Thanks!



about 12 years ago

Amnicon Falls State Park is good to go!


about 12 years ago

I was going to say the same thing. Some out of town friends stayed there early July when their Jay Cooke reservations were canceled. 

Hiking-wise, a lot of trail is open in Duluth. I've done most of the Duluth sections of the Superior Hiking Trail and report no issues. I haven't tried Chester yet, which is still closed IIRC.


about 12 years ago

All the State Parks up the shore are great, but they do fill up early in good weather. There's a good (and less expensive) campsite in the Superior National Forest and I don't remember that being too far from the city.

Of course, if you want to stay in the city, the Twin Ports does have the largest natural freshwater sandbar in the world -- and for those who don't wreak havoc and keep a low profile, this is probably the best camping around. Head down Wisconsin Point and pitch a tent. Build a little fire. The waves could swamp you at night, so stay up from the water a ways. Always clean up your trash and cover your burnt wood with sand.

I'm not sure what Superior's policy is on camping, though.


about 12 years ago

Forthetime_being, rev, and agate1023 -- thanks for the recommendations! That gives me enough options to start working on a weekend itinerary.

Dawn Marie

about 12 years ago

You can find out Wisconsin Point info on the city of Superior's website.

My family and I do a lot of in-town camping in between our out-of-town adventures.  Spirit Mountain is favorite of ours.  Nice sites for all camping styles.  They are also near many hiking trails.


about 12 years ago

If you're looking for a beach camping spot, a lot of people tend to tent up at the mouth of the Amnicon River (on the south shore of Lake Superior) near my place. It's a public beach and usually pretty quiet. Most of the neighbors don't care, so long as you aren't loud and obnoxious and pick up any trash.


about 12 years ago

I live near the same beach agate1023 mentions and have to disagree with the recommendation to camp there, unless you plan to use bucket toilets. There are no public toilet options there and that beach gets a lot of use -- please don't camp there because we have enough human waste in the lake from the summer floods!


about 12 years ago

Ohhh yeah good point about the bucket toilet.

about 12 years ago

Spirit is okay if you don't mind your need for peace and quiet competing with the human traffic and noise pollution that comes with for profit campgrounds.

The Duluth to Two Harbors sections of the SHT are passable now, to my knowledge, and not very populated save the odd deer and black bear (raspberries are coming into season).

So far as I know, the Fox Farm road trailhead is good to go, and the Stewart River site is a nice spot to pitch (or hang)

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