Solo Yak Trax Seeking Same

Size small Yak Trax seeks similar for companionship. Likes long, icy walks in the woods. Opened minded about outings with trax of various colors. Kindly respond below, all inquires answered.



about 12 years ago

I've got a size small/medium Due North Everyday ice cleat, Lucie, but it's on the rebound after recently losing its soulmate when my foot plunged through the ice on Amity Creek, so I don't know if it's ready to commit. 

I replaced it with a pair of Ice Trekkers because I couldn't find more Due North cleats. Then I found out they have them at Marshall Hardware. My friend who was a mail carrier swears by them. 



about 12 years ago

I'd like to offer to pay your Due North for its company - though it takes the analogy somewhere else entirely! 
I've replaced my yaks (though I've heard people swear by the Ice Trekkers) and just trying to cobble together something for a friend.
Let me know if the footwear would ever like to hook up.  :) lucie at twowordy . com.

about 12 years ago

My snowshoes and I shared a brief moment with a solo yak in deep snow last winter on the Chester Creek trail, near the Burrito Union. We helped her out of a jam. She was waiting for a friend, so we left her safely atop one of the stone columns, where she sat for a couple of days. At first I thought her friend had stood her up but she had disappeared not long after.

(The Pro model stays on your shoe via a nifty velcro strap.)

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