Looking for a few good renters

Real people. Real Duluth. Downtown living is real living, folks … not that other neighborhoods aren’t “real,” but come on, the casino is my neighbor!



about 11 years ago

I have actually been inside these apartments, and they are quite nice ... all redone and such. However, I don't know if promoting the fact that "the casino is my neighbor" will be a huge draw.


about 11 years ago

Hippie Dick is your neighbor?


about 11 years ago

Codie, I hear you about the casino neighbor thing, but might as well make light of it, as there is no use hiding it...right?
Adam, indeed, Hippie Dick is my neighbor, as well, although you'd never know it, eight months out of the year.


about 11 years ago

I enjoyed the casino as my neighbor (in my apartment above Hippie Dick) even though I never, ever went in there.  The security guards constantly smoking outside the backdoor made me less afraid of the dark.


about 11 years ago

Hi, I know I'm a couple of months late on this thread. My wife and I will be moving to Duluth in May. We stopped by St. Regis last weekend to take a look at it and the area (attracted by the flexible leasing option). It looks like the area has got some potential and the apartment at St. Regis looked nice. We mailed in our application and deposit a couple of days ago. 

@brautigan, I assume by the posts you live at St. Regis? If so, I'd love to get in touch with you and learn a little bit more about the nearby area. Thanks!

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