Community Composting Fix

Read all about the joys of community composting and why you should pay the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District to take your waste and sell it back to you in the spring.

Nature of Modern Life blog: Black Friday — Dig It

Guess how I celebrated Black Friday? With a trip to the WLSSD Composting & Yard Waste Site, of course!



about 12 years ago

You can deposit your kitchen waste for free at several sites around town, including Chester Creek Cafe.


about 12 years ago

This is good news!  I live in an apartment and have nowhere to put my food scraps but into a 5 gallon bucket on the back steps.  Last year I had to beg my parents to let me bury it in their back yard.  I hate to see food scraps be thrown into the trash can.  Does anyone know of places that take food scraps in the winter? Does Chester Creek accept compost year round?

Meredith Cornett

about 12 years ago

There are a lot of places around town where you can continue to drop off all winter (Chester Creek Cafe as noted above among others). Here's a link to other options, including the Munger Inn, Materials Recovery Center (Rice Lake Road) etc.

Happy composting!

PJ, Duluth

about 12 years ago

You can also drop it off at Marshall Hardware in Lakeside. You have to buy composting bags first (about 20 kitchen sized ones for $5 at Marshall) and then bag up your stuff and drop it in their bin outside. I use it all the time. Really cuts down on trash, too.


about 12 years ago

I accept compost year round; and my place is just down the street from Chester Creek Cafe. I'd be happy to take your compost.

jzon5000 @

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