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Our fresh water makes radioactive waste transport and dumping too dangerous here

The Duluth News Tribune‘s Jan. 5, 2012, editorial (re-published July 10, 2014) blithely considered the grave issue of high-level radioactive waste storage, asking with its headline, “Nuclear waste here? Actually, why not?”

For answers, editors suggested we listen to scientists. This was sound advice, but it raised a question: Which scientists? It was scientific analysis that led to the cancellation of the Yucca Mountain, Nev., dump site plan – that and the staggering 2008 cost estimate of $90 billion, which was up from $58 billion in 2001, according to the New York Times. Yucca Mountain was chosen by Congress in 1987 and was vigorously pursued to the tune of $9 billion for decades. But then a long string of scientific show stoppers proved the site unsuitable, and the Obama White House and Energy Department gave it the ax.

Make Art, Protect Water

Last year, a group of musicians came together in Duluth to record a compilation album titled Industry. Peace. Environment. to raise awareness about sulfide mining and the permanent changes that upcoming decisions could have on the landscape they love. The album features original recordings by Charlie Parr, Snöbarn, the Murder of Crows and many others. The Arrowhead Story, a collective of creative folks interested in sharing the stories of land in Northern Minnesota, is issuing a call for art to adorn the album. Submissions can be in any medium, and should reflect a theme of tension between nature and industrial development. The submission deadline is June 27. For details and submission information, contact Deanna at everyrivertothesea (at) gmail.com.

The Industry. Peace. Environment. album release party will be on Sept. 7, with a pre-release show at Beaner’s Central on July 20.

Weather postpones annual native tree sale

It’s not just warm-blooded creatures who are cold this spring. Plants are shivering down to their roots! So, the annual South St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District tree and shrub sale pickup dates have been postponed by one week. Same place, same time, but all one week later. New sale pickup dates are May 16 to 18. See southstlouisswcd.org for details.

P.S. Save the seedlings! Tree and shrub orders are still being accepted — call Lisa at 723-4867.

Community Composting Fix

Read all about the joys of community composting and why you should pay the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District to take your waste and sell it back to you in the spring.

Nature of Modern Life blog: Black Friday — Dig It

Guess how I celebrated Black Friday? With a trip to the WLSSD Composting & Yard Waste Site, of course!

Lake Superior’s chocolate color

I’m guessing it’s all the mud from the Wisconsin rivers that is causing our lake to turn a deep shade of brown. I’ve watched it slowly ooze its way across the lake all day. All that sediment can’t be good for anything. I wonder how common an occurrence this is to have this much water coming down rivers this time of year.

END:CIV with Director Franklin López

This culture will eat you alive
Fight back; resist & survive

Screening at Zinema 2 on June 7 at 7pm.