Duluth MN Web Cams

If you know of any area web cams please post a link in the comments.



about 13 years ago

Here are the one's I've had links for and shared for ages with friends around the world who wanna see where I live/the state:

Duluth Harbor Cam
MN Power/Allete Lake Cam
MN Power's Falcon Cam
Great Lakes Aquarium

WDIO has cams, but often times they're off/broken/or out of focus so they're hit or miss - seem to be working today though:

WDIO Harbor Cam
WDIO Tower Cam
Range Cam
Hibbing Cam (Airport) fun for kids to watch planes

Solglimt Bed and Breakfast Cam
LSMMA Lake Superior Marine Museum

A few UMD cams -- most were set up during construction of the various buildings, and are no longer live, but have links to pics and archives of the construction:

LSBE @ UMD Labovitz School of Business Economics and Construction 
SSB @ UMD Swenson Science Building
Sports and Health Center @ UMD 
UMD Library

Visit Duluth Live Cam This one, if you wait a minute or so is actually a panoramic cam, and scans from the Bay/Bayfront area to the Lakewalk area along the freeway/train tracks. 

The Visit Duluth Cam, coupled with the LSMMA cam, and the Solglimt cams are excellent for watching a sunrise over the lake (from your warm toasty bed). Load and resize 3 windows and enjoy!

And finally, more MN Web Cams


about 13 years ago

Duluthharborcam.com has two more web cams, and earthcam.com lists many for Duluth. UMD's site has a page for campus web cams and a page for area web cams under 'About UMD.'


about 13 years ago

Here's a picture of the Can of Worms.

It came from this site, which has a dozen or so cameras along the interstate in Duluth.


about 13 years ago

How can I make the live harbor cam my desktop background?

Cory Fechner

about 13 years ago

@tom - depends on your OS.  But with Windows XP you used to have the ability to use Windows Active Desktop to embed a web page into your screen background. Although they removed that feature in Vista and Window 7.

You may be able to find a desktop gadget or widget that will display a live web site or web image via a URL but I have not messed around with desktop gadgets too much so I can't recommend anything. 



about 13 years ago

Thanks, Cory.


about 13 years ago

I always wondered where they got all the shots for this video:


about 13 years ago

Duluth Family Sauna once had a webcam on its site of the "local wildlife at the UMD library."  Not sure if that's still there anymore.

Paul Lundgren

about 13 years ago

That webcam belonged to UMD. Duluth Family Sauna streamed it for several years until UMD staff found out in May 2010 and decided to kill the stream.


about 13 years ago

Norwood Golf Course in Lake Nebagamon, WI has one. It's not Duluth, but it's still Northland. http://norwoodacres.com/webcam.php


about 13 years ago

Here's a fun one because it's got zoom, pan and tilt that you can control.
St. Scholastica Live!. Enjoy!!

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