Drink up

100 years ago, from the front page of the Duluth News Tribune, June 10, 1911.



about 13 years ago

"When the glass is full
drink up, drink up
this may be the last time we see this cup.
If God wanted us sober
he'd knock the glass over
so while it is full
we drink up."

~Jason Webley.


about 13 years ago

Not to be picky, but isn't June 10 Friday?


about 13 years ago

Dateline on story is June 9. I was figuring people would see it Thursday.


about 13 years ago

Yeah, I suppose Thursday is the 100th anniversary of her death.  Friday is when the newspaper story will be 100 years old.


about 13 years ago

Saloon Smasher is my new band name.


about 13 years ago


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