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I’m trying to trail it this weekend. There are a couple of sections between here and Two Harbors that I want to tackle. My usual crew has other obligations. Looking for a #2 to cruise up Friday afternoon (4-4:30ish) and come back early Sunday afternoon.

I’m completely self sufficient, pretty serious about it type backpacker. I like to get out and bang out a few miles to get the blood going.

Anyone want to hit it with me? The weather looks iffy, but that’s why we have Merino wool and Gore-Tex, right?



about 13 years ago

The trails, at least in town here, are pretty wasted from the frost leaving the ground coupled with the recent melting of the snow and ice. 

Might not be the best time to be hiking with all of the mud holes. It is promoting folks to walk around them and widen the trails. You might give the SHT a ding-a-ling and ask about their thoughts on this.


about 13 years ago

Not sure if you're a user of the SHT Hiker listserv but you'll get great responses to this type of question on there.  Check it out at:


about 13 years ago

Thanks for the advice, and ill take digit's under advisement, to be sure, but the 300 or so miles I've logged in on the SHT in the last few years have been quite safe under my feet, and will continue to remain as such.

At this point, precipitation is one of the few factors weighing against my decision. 

I prefer to do the bulk of my hiking in the early and later parts of the season and leave the hot months and the trails to the kids in summer. 

We'll see what happens.


about 13 years ago

I'll go hike with u any day ... I've done most of the sections up north :) [email protected]


about 13 years ago

Yeah, I'll have to take that into advisement.

I'm busy for the next couple of weeks, but mid May is good.

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