It’s opening day!


Hank E Homer

about 12 years ago

Free Steroids for the First 300!

When you think about how much time and effort it took to pull off this kind of monumental achievement for mankind, the sheer scope of it kind of boggles the mind.

Somebody, boost me up with whatever they're on so I can enjoy baseball again.


about 12 years ago

I'm stoked for the season. Scandal be damned! Being fairly certain that the Rangers aren't going to pull a repeat of last year's history-making feat ... but hoping they pull one out in spite of losing Lee.

Here's to rocket rider trips to catch cheap seat games with my kids!


about 12 years ago

3:24 of chills, goosebumps and eye-watering. GO *sniff!* TWINS! *wimper...snort!*


about 12 years ago

If there's any way to ruin a flash mob it is definitely by over-producing and commercializing it! An excellent and most fun thing has been made cheaper and corporate.

Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

Another way to ruin fun is to whine and complain about it.

Hank E. Homer

about 12 years ago

One man's fun can be another man's hell Paul. I knew a Vietnam vet once, when I asked him about it, if it was hard getting over it and all, he said, "I don't understand what all that shit was about, we were just trying to have a good time!" 

 I think it's obvious these people are just having fun/being funny, even if it is too goofy for my sensibilities.  Truth be told, I really don't care about steroids or baseball. Though I do think it was interesting Fidel Castro tried out for the Minnesota Twins, before he was rejected, and went home and threw a revolution. And to his credit, I think some of Lindy's articles on the subject are good and raise my general awareness of the sport and its oddities.

Hank E. Homer

about 12 years ago

Let me rephrase, I enjoy baseball because it's a sign of spring and summer. Sometimes I even still have it on the radio as background noise because it reminds me of the endless deep throated chatter of announcers all summer evening long as a kid while my dad tinkered in the garage.  If you know how much it hurts to get beaned by a 97 mph fastball, then watching any at-bat is pretty cool. 

Baseball is forever a part of our national pass time, it's when love blossoms, and scantily clad beauties suddenly flock to the beach, yet passing out there overnight won't get you killed.  Nothing seems to draw Americans together more than baseball, it's gender friendlier than football, better than golf, tennis or bowling.  Billiards is one hell of a game though, if they had a quick game of 9-ball between innings,  I would totally be down with baseball. 

Or if I could turn back time and give you all a few of all those Saints seats we had, front and center behind home, watching Darryl Strawberry knock 'em out, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Ode to the guys in the minors, playing real good outdoors, with a train in back, on the road, for free.

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