PBS’ History Detectives crew shooting at two Duluth locations on Dec. 9

A crew from the PBS series History Detectives will be shooting in Duluth this week, attempting to solve the mystery behind a small watercolor painting that may have become a Tiffany window.

On Thursday, Dec. 9, host Gwendolyn Wright and the crew will be shooting at First Presbyterian Church and Duluth’s Historic Union Depot.

The story will air with History Detectives ninth season during the summer of 2011.



about 13 years ago

The best television show of all time!


about 13 years ago

Whoa, Paul, how do you even find out about this stuff?


about 13 years ago

Agreed! Love HistDet (that's what us savvy public broadcast elite call it).

Bad Cat!

about 13 years ago

Cool! I love that show!


about 13 years ago

That's cool.  I have long hoped that they might do a show about my question.  In the (hidden) levels of the original Temple Opera House, now NorShor Theater, there is an upper balcony that I have heard described as the ni**er balcony.  Some people have told me that it was in fact a "colored-only" area, but others, (such as Tony D, I think) have said that it was for Finlanders, Irish or other immigrants.  I have thought it could be helpful to learn the ultimate answer.  

Hey, maybe they're all wrong and it was just "cheap seats."  But I think this town was (and to some extent is) a lot more racist than its "Minnesota-nice" reputation suggests.


about 13 years ago

Wildgoose: this is hardly empirical evidence, but a friend of mine's father worked at the NorShor when it first opened in the 1940s and he recalls the original Orpheum and said the locals referred to the 2nd balcony as n****r heaven.

Connie Hickok

about 13 years ago

Do you know that the St. Louis County Historical Society and the Duluth Historical Society have a DVD on the commemoration of the Tiffany windows in Duluth  and that relatives of Anne Weston were there?

It would be worthwhile to see the DVD.  The library of Duluth also has a copy.

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