McCain praises Feingold

“I can’t do justice in these remarks to all of Russ’ many qualities or express completely how much I think this institution benefited from his service here and how much I benefited from knowing him. I lack the eloquence. I don’t think he is replaceable. We would all do well to keep his example in our minds as we serve our constituents and country and convictions.”



about 14 years ago

Well good for him. Now if he hadn't released Caribou Barbie and her disciples upon us indirectly leading to Russ losing his seat, and if he'd stop being such a waffle-dick in regard to the just-released DADT policy recommendations, and the other fifty billion other things he flip-flops on, he might be worth listening to. But at least someone recognizes the loss to the Senate/country.

Carl Miller

about 14 years ago

I am still in disbelief that Feingold was not reelected. Baffling.

Danny G

about 14 years ago

I don't get it. Didn't we already know that these guys are pals?  Didn't they sponsor a pretty big bill together?  I'm not trying to be a...ahem...troll here, but what am I missing?


about 14 years ago

What's not to get?  The title of the post is "McCain praises Feingold."  There's a video of McCain praising Feingold.  There's a quote from McCain praising Feingold. The post appears to be informational only. Why does it have to be somehow "loaded?"

Danny G

about 14 years ago

Eh, you're right.


about 14 years ago

Hear hear, edgeways.  I lost all respect for him politically when he allowed the Republican party to force him to take her on.  How he could understand the significance of Russ Feingold's contributions to Wisconsin, the Senate and the country and yet still allow Sarah Palin to be given a national forum is beyond me.

I respect and thank him for his service to our country in the Vietnam War and the incredible sacrifices he and his family had to make as a result of his capture.  There was a point in the campaign when, despite the fact that I was an Obama supporter, I thought if McCain were elected it would be okay.  Then Miss Congeniality got on the ticket.  Good God.

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