Video Archive: Dennis Anderson knocks down a few Grain Belts and shows off the film equipment

This video appears to be from the early 1970s. Watch the high-pressure air send Denny’s hairpiece flying! (Plus bonus footage: A Jack McKenna forecast.)



about 9 years ago

This is going on my Facebook feed.


about 9 years ago

That is hilarious.


about 9 years ago

Totally awesome!


about 9 years ago

"Where'd it go?  Where'd it go?"


about 9 years ago

I like the fact that in the 70s he didn't have a stache.


about 9 years ago

Is this for real?  If so, it's awesome!  If it's a spoof, well, it's still awesome but not as awesome as if it were really Denny, which would be so very awesome.

Barrett Chase

about 9 years ago

Denny's pretending to be drunk. Jack's pretending to be sober.


about 9 years ago

Great subtle rip on KBJR, which used to be at 230 E. Superior Street.

Greg Grell

about 3 months ago

I'm sure this was produced as a "Christmas reel," a funny video clip that would sometimes be played at the station Christmas party. If you know Denny, you know he has a great sense of humor.  A true classic!

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