Video Archive: Dennis Anderson knocks down a few Grain Belts and shows off the film equipment

This video appears to be from the early 1970s. Watch the high-pressure air send Denny’s hairpiece flying! (Plus bonus footage: A Jack McKenna forecast.)



about 14 years ago

This is going on my Facebook feed.


about 14 years ago

That is hilarious.


about 14 years ago

Totally awesome!


about 14 years ago

"Where'd it go?  Where'd it go?"


about 14 years ago

I like the fact that in the 70s he didn't have a stache.


about 14 years ago

Is this for real?  If so, it's awesome!  If it's a spoof, well, it's still awesome but not as awesome as if it were really Denny, which would be so very awesome.

Barrett Chase

about 14 years ago

Denny's pretending to be drunk. Jack's pretending to be sober.


about 14 years ago

Great subtle rip on KBJR, which used to be at 230 E. Superior Street.

Greg Grell

about 5 years ago

I'm sure this was produced as a "Christmas reel," a funny video clip that would sometimes be played at the station Christmas party. If you know Denny, you know he has a great sense of humor.  A true classic!

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