Duluth-area gluten-free options

I just discovered Bulldog Pizza has added some great gluten-free options! Pizza, appetizers, sandwiches, and salads. So now people who are gluten sensitive have an even wider array of places to go.

Bulldog Pizza’s gluten-free menu



about 14 years ago

Not to mention their happy hour is fantastic! 8pm to close pitchers are $6 on all their taps (blue moon, Summit, sam addams, etc.), appetizers are half off and wings are $4 a pound.


about 14 years ago

Thank you so much for posting the menu! I'd heard that they have a GF menu but wasn't sure what all was on it... now I can eat GF close to school!

Is there a post on PDD where we can compile a list of all Duluth area restaurants with gluten-free menus/options? It could be an easy reference point for both residents and visitors to the area.

Tony D.

about 14 years ago

Erin: Duluth Grill has an extensive GF selection, and its chicken is organic/free-range and beef raised in Wrenshall.


about 14 years ago

VIP advertises gluten free pizza but I have never tried it.


about 14 years ago

Erin:  I happen to know this as a family member who visits is on a GF diet. The Duluth Grill does have a  great GF section, and also sell their loaves of bread.  The Co-Op of course, as well as Cub Foods has a large selection of GF prods in their "health food" section.  SUSTENANCE ARTISAN BREADS in Superior above the Red Mug makes good GF bread. and, lastly, there is a pizza joint in Hermantown and Two Harbors called DoNorth with a GF menu. Oh yes, and...Betty Crocker has cake, cookie and brownie mixes in GF @ Cub...LOL.  Any more?


about 14 years ago

I got gf Bisquick at Super One in Lakeside.  My gf dad who has not had pancakes in six years rejoiced.


about 14 years ago

Best gf option:  eat eggs, meat, vegetables, nuts, and fruit, exclusively.  All whole foods.


about 14 years ago

Don't get too excited about their gluten free menu if you are short on cash or are expecting great food.  We went there last night for GF pizza and were disappointed.  The GF pizza is 3 dollars extra and they do not list this anywhere in their menu.  We spent $16.75 for a 10-inch veggie pizza that was not that good. I also don't believe in charging extra for GF options.  Special diets often don't cost more, they are just not thought of often.

I can make a better pizza at home for much cheaper.  Also, they advertise gluten-free multi-grain bread for sandwiches.  The bread is store-bought UDIs that you can get at Super One or the co-op.  I was very disappointed with their gluten-free menu.  I just wanted to update everyone on their GF options that I found to be sub-par.


about 13 years ago

I have a problem with Bulldog's GF menu. It says that their fries are gluten free but has an asterisk stating that the fries are made in oil with breaded items. This means their fries are not safe to eat. When I questioned the waitstaff she rolled her eyes at me and said the potatoes were gluten free. (I so wanted to roll my eyes right back with a stated "duh.") Because of this glaring error I hesitate to trust the kitchen or the menu. I also got a surprise when I got my bill for a GF pizza. If you are going to charge me extra tell me so it isn't a surprise! I know my diet is a pain, but be nice and I'll give you a very decent tip!  

I recently went to Pizza Luce; expensive pizza but very good! There is a whole GF menu that is full of real gluten free stuff. Plus their rolls are amazing. Go!


about 13 years ago

I recently shared a GF pizza at Lucé, and while I love their regular pizzas, I thought the GF was sub-par and way over-priced too. Is it really that much more expensive to make GF foods like this? Ours ended up being a 10in as well for the price of a regular large. Next time I'll order my own (and have leftovers).


about 13 years ago

VIP's gluten-free pizza is acceptable.  Being both Italian and gluten intolerant has made me give up on most available options.  VIP is edible anyway.


about 13 years ago

I just found out that Bridgeman's in Duluth has really good gluten-free hamburger buns.

Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

According to a news release from Erbert & Gerbert's PR firm, the sandwich chain's new menu includes three gluten-free soups and a selection of classic sandwiches made with Udi's gluten-free rolls. The new menu will launch nationwide in early December.

There are three Erbert & Gerbert's in Duluth, one in Superior and one in Cloquet.

The three subs that will be available gluten free are the Boney Billy (a classic turkey breast sandwich), the Comet Morehouse (made with ham and provolone cheese) and the Jacob Bluefinger (a vegetarian option featuring provolone and avocado).

Erbert & Gerbert's three certified gluten-free soups will include two existing recipes - Cheddar Cheese & Broccoli and Cheesy Asparagus - and a new flavor, French Onion.

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